Cold-Pressed Juice

What is it?

Cold-Pressed Juice is made using a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables. We directly apply over 4,000 pounds of cold pressure to our organic fruits and vegetables, extracting up to five times more nutrients than a traditional juicer.

Why Cold Pressed?

This cold press process leaves in tact key enzymes and antioxidants, creating an end product called raw live juice. This raw live juice maintains its potency for up to 7 days and has incredibly powerful detoxifying and healing properties. To preserve those properties, we do not pasteurize or process our juice in any way.


up to five times the vitamins, nutrients & enzymes

"Unleash LIFE juices are an invigorating and energizing way to help achieve better health. The juice recipes are nutritious and tasty!"

Dr. Ashwin Mehta

Integrative Medicine at Pembroke Memorial Hospital of Oncology

"It's going wonderful! I'm hooked! My skin is literally glowing!"

Danielle Sayers

Pompano Beach, FL

"I have to tell you, I was feeling like crap this morning. My son woke up early and through the night and was a fussy baby. I took a turmeric and moringa shot and instantly felt better! Like a new woman.""

Christina Shea

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"It's amazing how great I feel since I have been consistently drinking your juices. The first time I traveled and my knees did not give me trouble. I got up easily. I could not wait to get home and from my trip and drink your juice.""

Millie C.

Lauderdale By the Sea, FL

"The first week is going amazing! In all honesty I've never done this before and I wanted to give it a try. I'm loving it so far it has been an amazing experience and I feel healthier than ever! All the flavors are great! Great Product! My routine of working out every day and the combination of my diet and water was great definitely feeling the difference."


Miami Beach, FL

Our Mission :

We want to make a difference in your LIFE! We specialize in educating and helping others to get healthy and stay healthy. We believe in the power of healing through both healthy eating and eastern medicine, which we deliver as cold pressed juice.

What We Do :

Unleash LIFE is a small local cold pressed juice company, based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, offering 100% raw, organic juices to our clients through a unique weekly delivery system.

What Makes Unleash LIFE Juices Different?

Our juices are never pasteurized

Presently, only a very small percent of cold pressed juices sold in the US are unpasteurized.

Pasteurized juices are heated, either through traditional heat pasteurization or high pressure pasteurization (HPP), in order to extend their shelf life -- the problem is that both bad and good bacteria are killed off, and key antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes are destroyed.

If you see a juice that has a shelf life of longer than 7 days, it has been pasteurized.

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