Our Many Happy Customers


Dr. Ashwin Mehta, Integrative Medicine at Pembroke Memorial Hospital of Oncology

I have to tell you, I was feeling like crap this morning. My son woke up early and through the night and was a fussy baby. I took a turmeric and moringa shot and instantly felt better! Like a new woman.

Christina Shea, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Danielle Sayers, Pompano Beach

Millie C., Lauderdale By the Sea, Florida

Rickey, Miami Beach, Florida

I suffer from a condition called Menier's disease. The condition's symptoms are dizziness, unbalance, nausea, ringing in the ear, hearing loss, and vertigo. Since I have been drinking my "Miracle Juice" as I call it... the Turmeric Ginger shot... I have experienced a 100% improvement and my life has improved so much!!! I'm a very active person and I was living paranoid of having these episodes. I feel confident of my improvement and am so happy to be myself again!!!

Luz, Plantation, Florida

Derkia P.

Annemarie Gusmano, Pompano Beach, Florida